Friday, 14 September 2012

You're pretty fucking funny, Pendy.  Sending out that gag e-mail.  And yeah, I decided to play along with you're little joke because you were going to pay me.  I figured things would work out for me.

It's too fucking bad that they didn't, because now I have to make it so that they don't work out for you either.

So I crashed your server.  You'd think that'd be the end of it, but noooooo, now you have to come and hunt me down like some sort of Most Dangerous Game shit.  Isn't it enough?  Isn't it enough that you introduced that fucking thing into my life?  Now I have to run from it and you?

I don't know what sick cult you think you're leading, Pend.  I don't know what sort of shit they brainwashed you into doing.  But using our friends to track me down is just fucking cheap.  You know you couldn't beat me so you had to cheat like that?  Did you bring them into this too?  Did you?

Come on, Pend.  This isn't you.  You need to snap out of this shit.  I'm your friend, remember?  Are you really going to kill me just because I crashed your server a little?  You got it back, didn't you?

Well fuck you anyway.  You want to do this the hard way so we'll do this the hard way.  Go ahead and throw all the men you can after me.  I'll kill every single fucking last one of them.  You're not getting me.  I've got my middle fingers up and held high, throwing blinding "fuck you" beacons into the night. Have your little amphibious fucker of a toady tell you that.